History of the School

Bridgeport Hope School (BHS) was founded by four families in 1996 as a home school collective for grades K-3. In 1997, the school was expanded and incorporated into an independent day school for elementary students in K–8th grades. From the beginning, BHS intended to become a school in which education of the whole child – from moral to academic aspects – is maximized. Currently the school attracts families seeking small class sizes, attention to moral values, and a solid academic education. The student body is culturally, racially, and religiously diverse.

BHS established tax exempt status, 501(c)3, in May 2000 and gained approval from the State of Connecticut in June 2002. In addition, BHS went on to gain SEVIS approval in September 2008 which allows the school to issue I-20s to international students. BHS is presently accredited by CAIS (Connecticut Association of Independent Schools).

BHS is established as a non-sectarian independent school and receives no funds from religious bodies. The school acknowledges the existence of God and supports values common to the major world religions: love, respect, purity, devotion, and wisdom.

Our Mission

Character education focuses on the development of positive study and personal habits as well as experiencing the joy of sharing, caring and taking responsibility for one's behavior. Academic excellence is a direct result of the parent - student - teacher partnership. Children develop best when there is a strong home, school and community bond. A challenging academic program coupled with home support lends itself to a complete approach to educating each child. World citizenship is fostered in friendship among students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The social studies curriculum, part of the Core Knowledge Sequence, includes the study of World Religions.